The following day at Tesoro Azul, a single man knocked the door. A sentinel adviced he was a soldier from the American Army. The man yas very young, about nineteen years old. Being suspicius for them, the bandits drew out their guns and stayed in silence. The man was carring a scroll in his hands. At last, Connor Callahan opened the door. They all cocked their guns, and took cover.

The youngman looked at Connor and he unwrapped the scroll and read. The outlaws denominated as The Hanging Rock gang, including Connor Callahan now relieved of his work as a lawmen, are now enemies of the United States of America, and condened to a death sentence under the jurisdiction of New Austin the man took breath and continued a massacre has been carried out in Armadillo. Your aquiantances have been killed, and houses their houses were burned. If you don´t surrender in no more than a month, a second attack is going to happen. An if you let that happen either, a third one will destroy your Mexican´s allies hideout. Carefully, governor N.J..

As the man stopped reading, Connor realized that he was in serious trouble, and that killing the young man would make things even worst. Still in surprise, he said goodbye to the man, locked himself in his room, and sat in his bed. He tried to make a plan, to start thinking, but he couldn´t. Outside, Dr. Lane Davis was arguing with Billy Sanchez. He was blaming Connor and his friend for bringing hell into their place. With nothing more to say, Billy turned back and left the gang. The Hanging Rock Gang wasn´t a gang anymore, two men were outnumbered against an Army. That night they were kicked out of their fort, expelled. Connor and his friend slept in the middle of the desert. They suffered from cold and loneliness.

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