Connor´s search for the gang and the traitor began. He took his guns and was preparing his horse when Charlie appeared next to him. As a friend of Fred and his, he offered to go with him, but Connor insisted it was something he had to do on his own.

Tuesday morning he left home, he left his town, his friends, and his job, to become what he always was, a justifier. Twin Rocks was the first place. After cleaning the place, full of Walton´s boys, he heard a voice coming from inside a bedroom. He was almost sure of who it was. He took cover behind a wall and breached the room.

He found a hostage. His name,Dr. Lane Davis, a poor man from Blackwater that worked in the streets, helping poor people that couldn´t pay for a doctor. After setting him free, he told Connor about how he ended there, how they burned his house with his family there, the kind of men they were. They saw life from two diferent perspectives, but they both wanted the same thing: Revenge.

Warthigtington´s ranch was the second. He found evidence that Seth La Valley used to frequent this place to make his gold transactions. Footsteps lead to the barn. Connor Callahan went to cover next to the front door, while Lane was entering from the ceiling. The plan was simple, Lane would carefully listen the conversations, and in case something went wrong, Connor would make his appearance. Lane was following the plan perfectly, he heard things about an attack in Benedict Point, were they would take hostages and were planning to earn five million dollars on rescues. And the name suddenly appeared in their conversation, La Valley.

The floor dropped below his feet, and he hit the ground hard. Cooper Reed from Walton´s gang turned back and aimed his revolver, so did his gang mates. Then Connor Callahan broke in. His shining semi-automatic pistol delivered shots to the criminal´s heads, all of them except one, Mr. Cooper Reed. They had the key. Dr. Lane Davis stood up, with just a scratch. A large and painful interroganting session was waiting for Reed and he knew it.

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