The Tudisco Kid woke up in his cottage. He lived in a small wooden house in Silent Stead. He thought the people who named the place like that, were absolutely right, the place was so incredibly silent, he couldn´t fell life in that place, exept for him. He was getting dressed, with his boots and his coat, when he saw a rifle in his bed table. As his vision cleared, he could see it wasn´t a rifle, it was a Spencer Carbine. He took the it and removed the dust in the barrel. The weapon was old and rusty. The wood was old and had lots of gunpowder to clean from it. He could perfectly remember the day he got it, when he was just eleven years old. His grandfather was the legendary Billy the Kid. But the legend had got old and no longer needed his weapons. He had told him stories about his robberies and murders, and how he got to escape from a hundred lawmen. That stories had captured his imagination in his childhood. Now as an adult, he was becoming his shadow. In his mind, he didn´t want to become the same kind of person that his famous grandfather, but he felt that he was dishonoring his family if he didn´t.

The day after his death, Billy the Kid gave him fifty dollars and his most valuable item, his Spencer Carbine, seven rounds and repeater action, the gun had been made for the American Civil War in the 1860s. The Tudisco Kid smiled when he remembered of his granpa, and then loaded the gun with seven bullets. He had to shoot that weapon again, after all these years, dark years for him. He had used the gun while being part of the Bollard Twins gang. With it he had commited crimes, he had killed inocent people. The problem was, he did it for not being the stain on the name of his family. Before him, his father was an outlaw, he taught him how to steal, how to fire, and how to kill. Then, his granfather and his uncle were outlaws too, but his father and his uncle were killed by lawmen, and he didn´t want to share their fate, that´s why he left the gang. The men chased him through day and night. Luckily, he asked a friend for help, and he gave him an abandoned cottage in Silent Stead were he would be alone and nobody would see him ever again.

The sun had risen and the sky was blue again. A new day in his life. He knew this one would be different. Maybe it was time to start again with a new life. He put his things in a bag, and his Carbine in his back, and headed to Armadillo. A few months later, he would work as a lawman, under the name of Connor Callahan.

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