While watching the entrance close, Lane´s face went pale. Hopefully, Connor Callahan had brought a matchbox. He struck a match, and got enogh light to keep moving. They started to hear voices, and shouts. Walton´s gang was escaping, along with La Valley. Connor took this as an advantage to get some investigation. The tunnel was divided into two paths. They had to split up. Connor gave him a match and a magazine, they would meet at the end o the tunnel.

Lane´s way was easy. As he walked through the tunnel, he was starting to worry if it had and end, and if he didn´t had to turn back, but he had a plan to follow and he wouldn´t compromise it. Soon everything was so quiet, he didn´t like it. As he kept walking, he thought he had found and end, and kept walking, he was claustrophobic. He blew out the match. A cliff was ahead of him, so close that he almost fell, there was nowhere to go, he was trapped.

Connor Callahan kept walking, with his semi-automatic gun in his hand. He found a chest filled with gold. At least he was there, at their hideout. He kept hearing noises but this ones were different, they were footsteps, but very heavy ones. At last he saw the light, the end. But he had to climb up a ladder. Footsteps kept getting more heavy and the ground started trembling. He poked his head and a stampede of bison almost killed him. He fell and hit the ground. After the stampede stopped, he climbed and instantly knew were he was, Great Plains. He saw a movement in the horizon, so he took out his binoculars. In the distance, a caravan was leaving.

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