I´m writing to tell you about something you´ve probably already heard, and that is.. HOW PEOPLE ARE NO LONGER PLAYING MULTIPLAYER LIKE BEFORE!! Here is an example: Last year I used to join a lobby so full of people, that my friends couldn´t enter it because it was FULL!! But now, I can´t find any other player that isn´t a real fan of the game :) , or someone who just got the game and tried to see what multiplayer is like in this (awesome) game.

I´m not writing just to complain, but to bring a possible solution. Why don´t we make people join this game?, I´ve recommended it to my friends, and now they got it and they play with me. I know they are not filling the lobby, but at least I can play fun shoutouts somehow. This game is really awesome, so let´s make it famous among your friends, so that it gets full of people and it can recover it´s glory again!! What do you think guys? Comment!

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