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Guns367 October 26, 2010 User blog:Guns367

I'm just doing this for people who haven't made up thier made about the DLC's. This is only for the ones you have to pay for.

Legends and killers 3/10: there nothing good about this because no one want's to pay for new charcters, the thomahawk is bassicaly a biger throwing and the maps are nothing impressive.

Liars and Cheats 8/10: This is way worth the money. This adds so much stuff to multiplayer you almost need it to play online. It adds some good multiplayer characters,stronghold ( a little unbalanced in my opinion), multiplayer poker and liars dice, new multiplayer-only gang hideouts, the explosive rifle ( packs a hell of a punch), and hunting that show up on your map that give you XP.

Undead Nightmare review coming soon.

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