• Haffen7

    Save Red Dead Redemption

    January 23, 2014 by Haffen7

    This page has been created to get Rockstar games to take us Gamers seriously.

    We want the game Red Dead Redemption, created by Rockstar Games immediately take the necessary actions to ensure that the game is up and running again. So we gamers who love this game can keep playing it on.

    We would therefore like to invite as many people as possible join us in this group, each of us means nothing, only together we become stronger and Rockstar will have to take us seriously and actually do something about it!

    Follow the link :

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  • Haffen7

    Hello everyone.

    Is there anyone out there in the world who are slightly older boys (40 +) who find it fun to play red dead redemption.
    Then it would be nice to meet for an informal play session for "cowboy pensioners" :-) on Playstation Network
    So come join, you old cowboys out there and get involved in an explosive night of bullets and gunpowder.
    Send me a message here or on the playstation network and then we'll meet in the wild wild west. My user profile on Playstatin network are: Haffen7



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