• Here2help:)

    IM BACK!!

    January 16, 2013 by Here2help:)

    OKKK RDR wiki your helper has returned, but I must say this place has seemed to drop in popularity, not many frequent edits or full chat rooms, so for now, for a record, whos still here?

    if you are there, then please check out these pages, lets bring back the old days of 2012 :)))))

    This one :))This one :))

    and this one :))and this one :))

    Happy helpinggg!! :))))

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  • Here2help:)

    RDR Wiki **Awards**

    April 26, 2012 by Here2help:)

    Hello and welcome to the RDR wiki awards!!!!

    Here there will be the list of the the winners of various awards, but until they are complete, please reply to my comments when you agree with them :)

    • The Best Editor Of 2011-2012 =
    • The Best Admin Of 2011-2012 = First Tiger Hobbes
    • The Best Blogger Of 2011-2012 = Spawny 0908
    • The Best Commenter Of 2011-2012 = Mortified Jack / Joley
    • The Best Troll Of 2011-2012 =
    • The Best Newcomer Of 2011-2012 = 2ks4
    • The Most Friendly Member Of 2011-2012 = Anvil Sykes
    • The Best Male Editor Of 2011-2012 = SUV-Riderz
    • The Best Female Editor Of 2011-2012 = Spawny 0908
    • The Best Banner Of 2011-2012 =
    • The Best Chat Moderator Of 2011-2012 = Ilan xd
    • The Most Frequent Editor Of 2011-2012 = Jack Frost23
    • ​The Funniest Editor of 20…
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    hello everyone,

    when your on the wiki i tend to be intrested in the other editors, just knowing that they are looking at the same thing you are even when they might be from another area of the world to me is mind bogolling

    so ive devised and idea that is a simple and easy way for editors to write info about what they like most on the wiki, i appreciate that others migt have already done this, but i think it would be a good idea to have a more structued system, maybe a little info box that everyone can recognise with basic info inside it.

    heres this wikis ideal info;

    • image of themselves
    • age
    • name, to be called in chat
    • personality, culture, social group, sexuality, where they live
    • favorite RDR character
    • favorite mount
    • character they dislike the most
    • fav…
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