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Intial Impressions and starting over

I was there at my local GameStop on launch night. This is a game I've wanted for the last 37 years, and finally here it is. A gritty, free roaming Wild West simulation of the 1911 American West. RockStar picked a great time to depict the west, as the old ways where still around, but the new world was coming into play. Perfect timing. After playing the game now for the last week and putting a piteful 10 hours in, I've decided I'm going to restart for several reasons. One is because a few essentials items that you need are to be done and found where you get your first missions from. Had I known (no spoilers here) what I know now I would not have strayed far from the ranch and finished my duties there before venturing for other places. That's all I can really say without putting spoilers in and I don't like spoiling someone's game. So my advice, that I'm about to take, is stay around the ranch and do the missions and work and mini-games there first before moving on to greener pastures.

Have fun, always keep your guns loaded, and tip your hat (B on Xbox) to the ladies ;)

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