I'm not a gaming geek like some but I know good games when I see one. And when you love a game so much you notice things, like I'm going to explain down below.

1. He always says t his must be a dream

2. Undead Nightmare is 9 hours long, when it's advertised. The amount of sleep a person should have is 7-8 hours of sleep with maybe 1 hour of conciouseness. Hint to Nightmare

3. The beginning Jak tells John of a book he read with monters, aztects and how some people would worship the sun and some would worship the moon. And how could all of a sudden it be because of the aztec goddess and even Sean brings up Aztecs. Unless you're dreaming, whenever someone dreams they experienced something in the day that makes them have that dream.

4.On the last part of the quest when he puts the mask back John Marston asks the young woman "why are they chasing me and not you?" The young woman says "because these are your demons John!"

5. And they need to make a continuation of Red Dead, cause it is bad ass way better than GTA and I used to love those! They need to make one of his past. Too bad someone important doesn't read fans suggestions. Cause I'm sure a lot of people feel the way that I do.

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