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IkosVharr September 7, 2011 User blog:IkosVharr

I had watchesd a video clip on youtube from a PSN clan leader about THREE new DLC packs for Red Dead Redemption. NOT just the Myths and Mavericks pack but also an Undead to the End and an Action Pack. Suppossedly, Rockstar is letting us do undead free roam in Undead to the End. The Action Pack is suppossed to allow players to pick and choose what actions we can do while PVP games or other game modes are loading. Another feature to these FREE DLCs is a few new weapons, including a bow and arrow, lasso, and holy water. Details are sketchy at best, but for those of us, myself included, who have the character DLCs downloaded, will be able to change what outfit the character uses. Another plus to Undead to the End is the ability to use the Four Horses of the Apocolypse: Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence, WITH all their powers. If you wish to view the youtube video where i got this info, which was about a week ago, here's the video link:

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