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    For those who don't know, Slink Bradshaw is a member of thr Bollard Gang. He's a sniper of sorts as he tends to carry a Springfield or some sort of Repeater along with his partner in crime Gus Ballard. Now the reason I was hunting him down: a posse of five people, myself included, were doing the Fort Mercer gang hideout on Free Roam. We kill the defenses on the walls and charge in like raving lunatics, not the best tactic I know. Anyways our posse leader, a fella named Steve, began to run to the next area where the Fort Mercer leader spawns only to be instantly headshotted with a Springfield by Bradshaw. Bradshaw proceeded to kill two other members of our posse with help from Ballard whilst in a sniper tower, leaving only me and my friend …

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  • InterestedFreak

    My friend and I were wandering Free Roam Mexico looking for ducks to hunt when we came across the idyllic ranch Agave Viejo. Now, at first we just thought 'oh its just another ranch nothing special' until we investigated further. A cattle pen, a horse corral, a chicken coop, the main house and a camp for the ranch hands. Our minds changed from 'just another ranch' to 'this place is epic!'. So we took it over, collecting horses from passers by, following our attack dogs Charlie and Lassie to kill wolves, slaughtering the Rebels that respawned in our ranch hands' camp. It was fun, too fun to not be disturbed. We'd just been to Chuparosa when out of the blue a Mexican local walks over to us and shouts 'puta'. Obviously I shot him in both legs…

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  • InterestedFreak

    Be warned fellows for the Canines are massing! My friend and I were riding around in a wagon on Free Roam that we...erm...borrowed from some nice people in the MacFarlane Ranch, when we saw a huge pack of Coyotes. There must have been at least 15, perhaps even 20 all gathered around a couple of boulders. Naturally we wanted to go say hello and give them gifts of cookies and milk. Apparently they don't like visitors and proceeded to bite our arms, scratch us and just be downright rude. So we ran them over in the wagon. Several times. As time went by we decided to do some hunting in the Tall Trees area and we stumbled upon the winding path leading to Cochinay. Well we didn't want to go there so we followed the river instead. Along the river …

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