My friend and I were wandering Free Roam Mexico looking for ducks to hunt when we came across the idyllic ranch Agave Viejo. Now, at first we just thought 'oh its just another ranch nothing special' until we investigated further. A cattle pen, a horse corral, a chicken coop, the main house and a camp for the ranch hands. Our minds changed from 'just another ranch' to 'this place is epic!'. So we took it over, collecting horses from passers by, following our attack dogs Charlie and Lassie to kill wolves, slaughtering the Rebels that respawned in our ranch hands' camp. It was fun, too fun to not be disturbed. We'd just been to Chuparosa when out of the blue a Mexican local walks over to us and shouts 'puta'. Obviously I shot him in both legs so he went down to his knees and executed him with a throwing knife. However this made the Mexican Army mad for some reason, so we had to gallop back to our ranch at top speed. Unfortunately the dastards didn't stop there. They charged into Agave Viejo firing wildy, startling the animals even killing some of them because of the Army's poor accuracy. After finishing off a wave of them, we decided to hide in the ranch hands' camp, hiding out in one of the tents. The elderly washerwoman, I named her Julia, was sat around the campfire with our elderly chicken feeder, I named him Señor Delgadez, just relaxing. Then another wave of Mexicans came charging into the camp, determined to kill my friend and myself. Julia and Señor Delgadez were understandably frightened and began to stand up and run away. They would have escaped had a soldier not shot Julia in the chest whilst aiming for us. Julia fell down onto the campfire and promptly ignited, causing her death in a matter of seconds. Señor Delgadez managed to run into the wilderness, he was quite a distance away so I watched him through my Carcano Rifles scope, but he was savaged by the wolves that are never to far from the ranch. After finishing most of the Army in the area, we disarmed the soldier that killed Julia until he no longer had any weapons. Then we pushed him onto the campfire and watched him burn. In the end we decided to kill each other as to lose our bounty. After we had we scoured the area looking for casualties. Julia, Señor Delgadez, 3 cattle, 1 horse, our black and white dog Charlie and Tony a young alcoholic that works on the ranch, I named him and gave him a backstory. The moral is: don't try to open up a ranch in Mexico, the Army will destroy it. And kill your workers. But only if you kill foul mouthed locals in Chuparosa.

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