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  • Is Lazy

    I thought that I may as well make a poll, so theres something else to do here (and the last one I saw had very... bad vague options) and with the Myths & Mavericks DLC coming in a few days this seemed a good opportunity for one.

    I'll end the poll on Tuesday, when the DLC is released.

    So, which character are you most looking foward to in the Myths & Mavericks pack? Vote and comment opinions below.

    Preferred character? Landon Ricketts Vicente DeSanta Deputy Eli Deputy Jonah Uncle Nastas Javier Escuella Drew MacFarlane

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  • Is Lazy

    Today, whilst free roaming on on Red Dead Reademption, I encountered someone using the rapid-fire glitch. I changed session. I found a posse causing trouble in Armadillo with the invincibility glitch. Changed again... After about 5 session changes I finally gave up and played some competitive modes. Dunno 'bout anyone else, but multiplayer seems to be awfully laggy lately, like shoot a guy in the head 6 times then roll, but get insta-killed by the guy mid-roll and he dies like 3 seconds after you've headshotted 'em.

    This is extremely annoying and this should never have been able to happen, but at least Rockstar are fixing the major glitches.

    Though Rockstar are fixing all (or most) of the known glitches, there are a sad few who will, alomos…

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