In the Beginning...

Today, whilst free roaming on on Red Dead Reademption, I encountered someone using the rapid-fire glitch. I changed session. I found a posse causing trouble in Armadillo with the invincibility glitch. Changed again... After about 5 session changes I finally gave up and played some competitive modes. Dunno 'bout anyone else, but multiplayer seems to be awfully laggy lately, like shoot a guy in the head 6 times then roll, but get insta-killed by the guy mid-roll and he dies like 3 seconds after you've headshotted 'em.

This is extremely annoying and this should never have been able to happen, but at least Rockstar are fixing the major glitches.

We may have won the battle...

Though Rockstar are fixing all (or most) of the known glitches, there are a sad few who will, alomost desperately, look for more. In addition to this, there are other methods of cheating, rapid-fire controllers, lag switches, etc. It's never gonna stop, since some people will do anything to appear to be "pro" at the game.

But I digress...

Anyway... The whole reason I wrote this was because this current wave of glitching (soon to end, fingers crossed) has on the whole just been pathetic and
The four men in our Posse

We's gonna find us them glitchers! And when we do...

annoying, and I was wondering what other people thought about the glitches. So, What do you think of this? Leave your thoughts below.

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