Two recent additions to the posse, despite being friends when they joined, seem to have an adversarial relationship at best. Nightshade constantly has something nasty to say to Rhys (tho' Rhys takes it with good nature) and is very aggressive toward him, too.

Last night it came to 'a head', of sorts, and they decided they wanted a one-on-one, and my good buddy FLASH set the venue in Great Plains. Nightshade also decided that they'd stay in the posse and use expert aim to kill one another. Naturally, their first bout consisted of a lot of rolling and jumping without a single shot being fired.

I called it ballet, and they got miffed at the suggestion.

Then the dynamite and fire bottles came out.

Meanwhile, FLASH and I were tryng to make sure we got a good vantage point to observe without getting caught in the crossfire. Not content to sit atop a horse or the carriage on a hill, he decided to place his horse on top of the carriage:

So the answer to the question in the post's title is apparently "Yes."

P.S. - Nightshade and Rhys ended up in a draw because neither of them could ever reach Public Enemy on the other before FLASH and I got bored and moved on... :D

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