I mean, seriously, what is up with these people?

Can't they see that they are just ruining the game?

See, I'm a fuckin' beast dawg, and I'll headshot in seconds anyone I see in my path. I'm regularly gettin' 30-40 kills per match... Yeah man, I kick ass. But then I ALWAYS get taken out by some faggot who just won't follow my requirements that everyone run around in the open for me to shoot them.

There he is, parked in a really good spot, getting a pretty damn good kill streak - and he's even using Dead-Eye, too, what balls! Which means I actually have to stop, think and use strategy to get him out of it. That shit is not in my game plan, you little bitch, and you must accommodate me! If not, I will forced to cheat and use the Rapidfire glitch ;P. But I only do that because these guys keep killing me and I'm not very good with dynamite or a sniper rifle because I don't practice.

And what's with these guys in Hold Your Own? They sit babysitting the bag so I can't just waltz up and take it. What is that pussy shit?

Taking cover and hiding from gunfire?! What do they think this is: real life?!

I mean, what little pussies, using elements provided in the game to neutralize the only way I know how to play.

Campers should be banned!

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