So I'm doing one of my location pics, which requires me to stand in one spot for awhile, when a random encounter of the guy asking for help happens. This is the guy that you just know is going to pull you off your horse and try to ride away, so I blast him in the head at a distance.

I don't even care to loot his body, and go back to standing still, with the guy's corpse still in sight of the camera.

I'm sitting idle long enough and the screen switches to a static shot of the area, but the new angle doesn't show either Marston or this guy's body. In fact, it didn't show much and I couldn't use it, so a grabbed the crontroller to move to another spot.

When the camera returns to Marston's view, the guy stands up and begins walking around as if nothing had ever happened.

He even greeted me with an, "Hola!"

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