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High Plains Weirdness V

The other night, we ended up in horse racing (I'm not a huge fan) largely to get a couple posse members some of the XBOX achievements associated with horse racing.

In the third race of the second set we'd run, I was perpetually in 2nd to make sure that the person who was 1st won and got their achievement. There was a brief hiccup in my internet connection and it managed to disconnect me for a fraction of a second. Even though it reported that I had disconnected from the messenger and XBOX LIVE, I was still in party chat and the game was still running. However, now my horse has an invisible rider with the exception of my character's hat and weapons:

Rdr invisible rider

The other weird thing was that I couldn't follow the track. The horse seemed to hit an invisible wall if I went in that direction, but any other way seemed to be cool.

I trotted around like this until everyone else finished the race.

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