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I was taking a look at the Multiplayer event they held last Friday (waaaay too early for me to ever participate, unfortunately), while I was watching the video, I then noticed there was a little entry form at the bottom of the page.

It said you could win some RDR loot, so I put in my info.

There was a package at the door yesterday from them that had:

  • An RDR t-shirt (an M, I size I've never been able to wear... :( )
  • Multiple color R* logo stickers
  • A pair of dice in a neat 'leather' clasp-pouch. (sadly, not enough to play Liar's Dice, but I'm not complaining)
  • A deck of the poker cards that look exactly like the ones in the game.

I may scan the deck, or at least the Royal Flush of each suit to put on the poker page.

Thanks, R*!

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