Lately, the cheating in RDR has become unbearable, to the point where cheaters are really starting to ruin the game.

So I've been in contact with R*'s Banhammer to see if there's anything that can be done. I made specific points about the Infinite Health Glitch, the Rapid-Fire Glitch and the infamous "Bubble Gun".

I was told that R* are currently working on patching the Infinite Health and Rapid-Fire glitches. This needs to happen yesterday, but I'm happy to hear that they've even acknowledged the existence of these exploits and hopefully the fix will happen sooner than later.

EDIT: For those who've asked, the "Bubble Gun" apparently is a Golden Cattleman that will reduce any player shot with it back to Level 1.

In regards to the "Bubble Gun", R* is of the opinion that it does not exist and that being reset to level 1 is the player's fault. Here is the post they sent me:

"There is no such thing as a "Bubble Gun." Our theory is that a few players encountered connectivity issues or manually powered off the console while the game was autosaving, resulting in corruption of the saved data. Remembering back, the last thing the players were doing was playing against someone they believed was cheating, and assigned a cause-and-effect relationship to being shot by a cheater and losing progress."

Uh, okay.

While for some the case might be just as R* theorizes, I find it a little suspicious that we only started hearing of the "Bubble Gun" a few months ago. A few people here and there losing their data in the way R* thinks is one thing, but there seems to be a recent concentration of this happening, which to me indicates something a little more.

I provided R* with a gamertag of a guy who not only claims to have the thing, but has bragged about using it on others, but they seemed unimpressed by this.

Frankly, I've taken the precaution of having my Multiplayer save file on a flash drive that's not even in my XBOX, so hopefully I can restore my character should anything happen (I can't stress enough that everyone should do this). I'm mostly concerned with them patching the Infinite Health and Rapid-Fire glitches because a lot of this 'clan' business is going to go away once those exploits have been dealt with.

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