Some of you might recall this blog post I made that showed a poster from a re-release of "For a Few Dollars More" that seemed to look a lot like the RDR promotional art.

Well, I recently came across a 1972 western flick starring Robert Redford called Jeremiah Johnson and I found a few things that reminded me greatly of RDR.

First up:

Try and convince me that this wasn't the inspiration for the Expert Hunter Outfit...

Jeremiah johnson01
RDR unlocksExpertHunterOutfit


Again, try and convince me that this guy wasn't an inspiration for the Sasquatch Hunter...

Jeremiah johnson02


Listen closely to the violin at the beginning of the film's overture and then to the track from the RDR soundtrack called 'Dead End Alley' and tell me if they aren't very similar...

thumb|300px|center thumb|300px|center

So, am I completely off-base or have I stumbled upon a bonafide influence?

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