This takes a little patience but often gets some great results.

If you're going to screencap a certain location, instead of taking the pic of the gameplay screen, stop and hang out for a bit.

Seriously, put the controller down.

After a short while, the game will then pull out and give you a static shot of the area, oftentimes highlighting the most imprtant features of a location.

Also, you might get different angle depending on where you choose to stand, so if you don't like the fist static shot, move to a slightly different place at the location and it might have a better angle for you.

But that's not always the case, the game absolutely refused to show the ruins at Greenhollow and kept showing Jorge's Gap from a side shot so it just looked like landscape, you couldn't even see the gap.

It's not 100%, but it makes for some impressive screencaps when it works.

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