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    Red Dead Revenge

    July 14, 2012 by Jackalex13

    This is my first blog post and this would be a fan made story by me.

    Red Dead Revenge takes place in 1916, 5 years after John Marston's death and 2 years after Edgar's death.

    After 2 years murdering Edgar Ross, 2 years after Abigail's death and 5 years after John's death, Jack has been depressed with grief, anger and sadness. Even after serving in the Army for a year, Jack couldn't get rid off the memory on the day he murdered Ross for good. So Jack decided to drown his sorrows in Blackwater. As he entered the saloon, everyone in the bar looked at him and then continued their business.

    Jack asked: A bottle of whiskey please.

    The bartender replied: Sure thing.

    The bartender gave the bottle of whiskey to Jack and he nod. Jack then sat on a chair an…

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