This page is designed to collect, document, and help investigate any strange happenings that are seen in Red Dead Redemption. Anyone may post their own myths, but please be as specific as possible including the time/time of day, location (be very specific, not just "Tall Trees," but "In Tall Trees by Bearclaw Camp, etc, etc, etc.), the situation of the myth (what you where doing, how you were acting, etc.)

I will try and investigate as many claims as I can, putting at least a day in each. Anyone who wishes to help can PM me so credit can be given, and if you have proof of your myth, or your myth, please put a link either in a comment or a PM, any help is appreciated.


*Case 1: Tumbleweed

  • STATUS: Investigation Finished (Temporarily)

*Popular Myths

White Lady : Unproven


Devil / Lonely Horse : Supposedly Confirmed by Wiki member (Unseen by me)

Shadow Girl : Unproven, Evidence found in Chapel Graveyard (Tombstone of a Little Girl)

Footsteps : Supposedly heard, uncomfirmed (requires future investigation)

  • Other Experiences
  1. Man in the Fireplace : fire bottle in Fireplace, music turned down, all lights destroyed, consecutively heard on other visits.
  2. Ghost Chicken : Sound of a Chicken heard when 2nd story lanterns destroyed, heard only one night.
  3. Self-Fixing Lights : Chandelier in Saloon, and Candles in Mansion Mysteriously fixing themselves and lighting back up, confirmed by another wiki member.
  4. Glowing Chapel : At night, the chapel glows, appears in other investigations.

Notes : Many people seem to forget to finish the hideout, and go through the cellar, so when they fire ANY shots, the bandits in an upper room hear it and react. The bandits come out after the first part of the hideout is completed.

Also, paranormal activity supposedly kicks up when the lonely horse appears, it is described as a black horse that is Jaded/Shaggy. All known reports place it to appear at the Chapel every time it spawns.


  • Case 2: Tall Trees

Status: Under investigation

Popular Myths

  • Bigfoot : Unproven, supposedly has appeared in other R* games
  • Werewolf : Unproven, 1 fake photo, 1 supposedly true photo

VERDICT: Unproven

Future Myths will be added

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