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  • I was born on May 31
  • I am a guy
  • Jamyz

    When i was jamming out to metal music these ending for RDR just popped up in my head the first one was johns alt ending when he comes out of the barn but instead of getting blasted away ross just shoots him in the side to talk some bullshit to him and while john is on one knee he drops his gun and right before ross gives the order to fire every one of johns friends come save him like marshal leigh and his deputies,bonnie and drew,reyes and his rebels,jack and abigal,seth and dickens with the gatling gun wagon,and the legendary landon ricketts and when the rest of the army is getting killed ross looks at john and john is looking at ross a draw goes on between them and john must get a headshot and when ross gets shot in the head seth shoots …

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  • Jamyz

    Myths and mavericks DLC review

    September 21, 2011 by Jamyz

    Hi everyone im sure everyone got the new DLC and i have to say it kicks ass the new maps are pretty great,the new playable characters are awesome well most are and the best part is that the rapid fire and those other cheap glitches are gone which means no cheating but there will always be losers wasting thier time finding some but till then the Myths and mavericks DLC is a must have so go get it if you dont have it. I give this DLC a 9 out of 10

    Pros:new maps,new playable characters,alot of fixed glitches and bugs.

    Cons:Drew Macfarlane,No Herbert Moon killing mode

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  • Jamyz

    I love to lasso a zombie while on a horse and drag it to a town and have people shoot it while i drag it or let it go and let the town have their fun wasting bullets and slugs on the zombieand most of the time it takes like 2 minutes for them to kill it or i hogtie a zombie and put it under a lantern and shoot it and see the zombie burn or go to jorges gap and kill a bunch of zombies like if im taking on a army of undead

    so how do you have fun killing zombies =^_^=

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  • Jamyz

    Best Kill you have done

    July 29, 2011 by Jamyz

    Have any of ya'll ever did a awesome kill if so tell me about them and how you did it

    my first best kills was in macfarlanes ranch in a gang match and these two guys were camping on the top level of the barn and i got the sniper and one guy was in front of the other and the guy in front was standing and the other was crouching i shot the guy behind him by shooting between the first guys legs and then i shot the other in the nuts

    my second one was in a free roam and there was two guys attacking me and i shot both in the head with one bolt action bullet and i was freaking the fuck out and i thought i was god

    but my friend maria did the same thing so i didnt feel like the cool one anymore haha

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  • Jamyz

    Name your Gun/Mount

    July 23, 2011 by Jamyz

    do any of ya'll name your guns or mounts if so what do you name them.

    I named my bolt action rifle: Maria

    and i name my horse(american standardbred) mayate. it's a bad word so dont say it out loud

    I also named my LeMat revolver:Steven

    oh and i named the donkey culo jack

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