I just got home from GameStop and bought Red Dead Redemption: The Game of The Year Edition. One of the sweetest girls was the one who sold me the game. Her name was Gabrielle. She was very nice and polite to me. I was so grateful that I decided to even give her special thanks whenever I complete my Red Dead films.

"Special Thanks To

Gabrielle From GameStop"

She was very nice to me and if I can contact her again I may give her copies of the special edition versions of my films. I appreciate her for helping me out and I am loving the Red Dead Redemption: The Game of The Year Edition. That's all for now. Gabrielle is a true Red Dead hero now because she has even further increased my enthusiasm to make the films. Thank you Gabrielle and God Bless You!

"I let my Colt do the talking!"-Jared Chastain (talk) 00:14, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

Outlaws To The End!!!!

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