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My Colt Peacemaker

Howdy y'all.

This one of my Model 1873 Colt Single Action Army "Peacemakers". It is a real cowboy gun and was featured in the video games Red Dead Revolver (known as the Revolver in-game) Red Dead Redemption (known as the Cattleman Revolver in-game) as well as many other games and films. I will not be using this particular gun in my films. This is my self defense gun. I have much nicer Colt Peacemakers to use in my film. It is a "Civilian Model" (also known as "Quickdraw Model") as it has a 4.75" barrel, it's chambered for .45 Colt, and it is a very fine weapon.

Note: I recorded this video back when I was 13 years old when shaved alot and had messy, curly hair. My hair is shorter now, I have alot more facial har, and I'm more muscular than I was when I was then. The gun is about a year old now. It was new THEN, but not now. It's still in very fine condition and I still use it. I just recently uploaded this to youtube so you guys could see it. I originally recorded it as a video for my history class as it was the gun carried by the U.S. Army from 1873 to the Spanish-American War. A few saw combat in World War I and General George S. Patton carried one during World War II as well as a Smith & Wesson Model 27. This video was much longer than this though. I cut it short because I didn't want to overwhelm you guys with a long history lesson.

My Colt Peacemaker05:01

My Colt Peacemaker

Video of me and my self-defense Colt Single Action Army "Peacemaker".

Thank y'all for watching. Comment if you wish.

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