Terror in Tall Trees

Rdr harry dobbing

Harry Dobbing

Life ain't easy for old Harry Dobbing. He lost his eye in a knife fight with Jeb Murphy and is getting ready to lose his mind if he can't find a way to reason with Marshal Leigh Johnson about the bounty he had placed on his head a few weeks back after he had killed Mel Thaxton, one of Johnson's half-wit deputies, in a gunfight when Mel had been caught cheating in poker in the Armadillo Saloon. He ran and hid up in West Elizabeth and rented a room at Manzanita Post but there were still bounty hunters, like the infamous John Marston chasing after him.

Rdr harry dobbins

Harry Dobbing is Wanted Dead or Alive for the murder of Deputy Mel Thaxton

One day, Harry was taking a shit up in Tall Trees when Benton Manning and Dell Hopkins, armed with Henry Rifles, jumped him and were ready to take him in for the reward. "Nice to see ya, Harry," said Dell. "What are ya doin' old buddy?" Harry sighed and shook his head. "Gimme that Colt ya got hid in yer boot Harry," Manning Roared. "Or I'll blow yer stupid head off." Harry tossed his revolver to the side but still had a derringer in his pocket. "We got your goddamn murderin' hide finally," Hopkins said. Harry laughed and said, "Do ya now?" The moment he said that, Tobias Weldon, Kyle Ricketts, and Gus Ballard came out from their hiding places armed with Winchester 1897 Pump-Action Shotguns. Harry laughed and said, "Nice try boys. Now gimme yer guns." Hopkins and Manning handed him their rifles, butts first, and then drew their revolvers and done the same. Harry looked at Hopkins and said, "You are free to go if you think you can ride over that hill down yonder in five minutes. I've got somethin' special in store for Manning here." Hopkins ran to his horse and rode off as fast as he could, and as Harry watched Hopkins, Manning bent over to pick up a rifle. Harry turned and pulled out his derringer and halted Manning. "That ain't very fair, Benton," Harry said. "A real man wouldn't try that." Manning was angry. He had arrested Harry sometime before and Harry had made a shank out of a piece of wood from the floor and stabbed Manning in the crotch, causing Doctor Johnston to have to surgically remove one of his testicles. Manning hated Harry for mutilating him and wanted revenge. Harry picked up Manning's revolver and asked, "How many people have you killed with this?" Manning remained silent. "That doesn't matter right now, you have a chance to kill me with it." Manning stared at Harry with both hatred and confusion.

Harry opened the loading gate to the side and unloaded five of it's shells. "You don't need all of these bullets. Just one." Harry then picked up his own gun and unloaded all but one shell. He tossed Manning his revolver. "Here's how this is gonna be done," said Harry. "You're gonna stand over there by that boulder and I'm gonna stand by that tree with the divided trunk. I will be standing straight across from you. We're gonna have us a duel. Whichever of us kills the other can take from the dead man what he wants. If I win, I will be able to leave here and head to Canada. If you win you will get both the reward money and your revenge.

They done it the way Harry described it. Manning, filled with rage, was ready to kill Harry. Harry was calm and watching Manning carefully. Their eyes met and they stared at eachother for a long time. Manning's eyes were challenging, daring Harry to draw, Harry's one eye was emotionless and blank. Manning finally decided he wasn't waiting any longer and quickly drew his weapon. Suddenly, a gunshot thundered without warning before Manning could even take aim. His face turned white as a ghost and he fell to his knees. His breathing slowed and he struggled to speak. Finally, with his last breath he grunted "....rotten fucking bastard....." and then he let go of his revolver and closed his eyes for eternity. The mistake that Manning had made was trying to aim at Harry. In a duel it is faster to just fire from the hip or point the pistol. Aiming takes to long. Harry had fired from the hip. He estimated where the gun was pointed and knew that he was going to kill Manning.

Harry laughed. "Give Mr. Satan my reguards," he chuckled. Harry walked over to loot the body when he heard a man yell, "HARRY! HELP!" He turned to see Tobias Weldon filled with holes. Someone had filled Weldon more full of lead than a pencil. He had somehow survived. "Whats going on Tobias?" Before Tobias could answer a bullet hit him in the back of the head. "Shit!" Harry exclaimed. The shooter walked out of his hiding spot and fired his gun again at Harry but missed. Harry knew it was another bounty hunter and picked up Manning's pistol. He turned to the shooter to fire as the man's gun fired again. Harry felt pain in his chest and fired Manning's revolver in the air. He fell to the ground and held his chest. He looked down at his hands. They were red with his own blood. He layed there, in pain, on his back. He gazed upward and found himself looking into the merciless eyes of John Marston.


As he closed his eyes he thought to himself, This happened faster than I thought it would. He sucked in his last gulp of air, his last breath, the light fading out of his sight before he could find the right words.


~Much Obliged~

Git -R-Done!!!-Jared Chastain 14:59, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

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