I have come to another decision. Just in case if I CAN'T make a live action Red Dead Redemption film I will make a Machinima Film. I have much of the technology and equipment needed and am working on the film currently. It will be like Red Dead Redemption: The Man from Blackwater, but longer and it will tell the whole story. I have revised the story and am redoing some of the lines spoken by the characters. I am a very good impressionist and can do the voices of every male character from every western game I own. The story, as I said before, is different. An example of this is the fact that the glass eye that Seth found is the treasure he was searching for but he didn't know it and destroys it out of anger only to find out later from another treasure hunter that it was a glass eye that belonged to a famous, one-eyed gunslinger, Theodore "Teddy" Carson, and was worth a fortune. He does find another treasure up in Tall Trees and is reunited with his family and crap. Many of the events of the story also occur at different times than they do in the game. I also made the Stranger Mission, "I Know You", and important part of the story because I believe that John damning and firing three shots at The Strange Man has to do with the fate of the Marston Family (the first shot foreshadows the death of Abigail, the second shot represents the death of Uncle, the third shot represents the death of John himself, sparing Jack). I will upload it to youtube when I am done making it.thumb|300px|right|Here is the trailer for the movie.thumb||

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