It's done. I finished it. I need to add some finishing touches to the parts in mexico and in blackwater but I am completely done with the begining. I uploaded part one on youtube. and will wrtie another blog when the next two are done and uploaded which won't be long. You can watch part 1 now, wait until I upload all three parts, or wait longer until I edit all three parts into one video. I have also decided to make a Red Dead Revolver machinima film to go with this one and maybe an Undead Nightmare machinima. If you don't care for these machinimas, stick around and see if I make live action ones. I will make a Red Dead Revolver live action is confirmed but the other two aren't (because it is very easy for someone with my experience in live action acting and editing to make a live action Red Dead Revolver. a Red Dead Redemption live action is harder because I'd have to go alot of places and that costs alot of MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Undead Nightmare is hard because I would have to re write alot of it. Just going around shooting zombies in every scene just wouldn't be good for a movie.)

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