I've been sponsored by some "Red Dead Fan Clubs" here in Oklahoma to make live-action "Red Dead Films". It will be a while before I make these but it will be done in the next year or two, maybe even less than that. I'm gonna give some information real quick about the films so that you can get an idea of what it will be like

Red Dead Revolver (film)

This film will have a spaghetti western feeling (just like the game) and will have all of the original songs used in the game. It will star Jared Chastain (me) as Red Harlow. The film will be made to seem more realistisc. The Old Pistol will be a Colt 1860 Army. The cylinder will be a re-chambered to hold .45 Colt ammunition (apparantly how Red had his fixed.) None of Red Harlow's lines are changed and he will speak more with body language than with words (to be authentic towards his character, who hardly utters a word in the game accept a few lines such as "You ain't my problem..." and "It never was about the money." and "Much Obliged" and of course "I just want my money".) any money made from this film will go to sponsor Rockstar Games. Everyone on here who has a youtube account needs to add me as a friend and subscribe, otherwise this film will not be available to you for free. If you don't have a youtube account, email me at and I will see if we can figure something out. This film will be very authentic to the game and will include all of the guns. I have had a pair of Colt 1860 Army Revolvers decorated to look like the Scorpion Revolvers , an old Merwin & Hulbert Fourth Model Frontier pistol I found in my family bible to look like the Widowmaker, a Colt 1851 Model Navy Revolver decorated to look like the Pacificador, and a Colt 1860 Army decorated to look like the Inquisitor all special decorated (for free, because my uncle is a proffesional with precious metals and is also a gunsmith for Colt Arms Manufacturing Co.) The Pacificadors will be used by Diego's men but only one is an actual Colt Navy Revovler, the other ones are all just replicas. The Widowmaker will be given to Red by a man in the saloon, saying it will save his life possibly (he kills Mr. Kelley with it.) The Inquisitor I had made will only be seen close up when used by Jason Cornet, the rest of them are all replicas made with alot of fake gold and shit. I had a pair of Scorpion Revolvers made just to be authentic to the game. I get to keep all of these guns after filming (SWEETNESS!!!!!! :D). I have some old Ruger Bisleys (Replicas of the Colt Bisleys) and some Colt Single Action Army Revolvers, Uberti Cattleman Revolvers, Ruger Vaqueros, and JP Sauer & Sohn Cowboy Revolvers for the Misc. Characters to use. I will provide some of the characters voices myself (by dubbing out the actor's voice) because of the fact that I can do all of the voices perfectly and some of the actors can't.

Jared Chastain as Red Harlow

Jacob Love as Jack Swift

Shawn Nealy as Griff

Red Dead Redemption (film)

This film will have an American Western feeling (just like the game) and will have all of the original songs used in the game. It will star Jared Chastain (me) in the role of John Marston (also Jack Marston) and as the voice of The Strange Man. I have plenty of Colt Single Action Army Revolvers Uberti Cattleman Revolvers, and Ruger Vaqueros (Cattleman and Ruger Vaquero being replicas of the SAA) to use as the game's Cattleman Revolver. I have had one Golden Cattleman Revolver (a Single Action Army) made for the film. Colonel Agustin Allende carries it (to go along with his Gold Sword) and John takes it along with Bill Williamson's LeMat Revolver after defeating them (Allende draws his sword and John mistakes it as a hostile act resulting in John shooting him dead, then Bill pretends to surrender only to dive for Allende's Revolver and get shot by Abraham Reyes.) John takes their guns to use just in case if he "might need them." (He wields Bill's LeMat Revolver, Allende's Golden Cattleman Revolver, his Schofield Revolver, his old Cattleman Revolver, a Double-Action Revolver ,a Henry Rifle, a Carcano Sniper Rifle and the High Power Pistol while attacking Dutch's hideout in Cochinay. I also recieved a WW1 German Mauser-T Gewehr, 13.2mm Anti-Tank Rifle from my Uncle. That model was the gun that was used to model the Explosive Rifle which will be used by John in the attack at Beecher's Hope [it will only fire regular rounds, the explosive rounds have been written out.] Okay.) I will also play the role of Uncle (who will be heavily implied to be Red Harlow, I don't care what anyone says or if Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption take place in different "universes". This is the movie, not the game, so therefore, I can do what the hell I want. It all takes place on planet earth of course and there ain't no "hocus pocus" shit in it like in the game accept for the Strange Man scenes who is implied to be God.) The film will be set in Texas, Montana, and Kansas (Three [3] different states) not "New Austin" (because I'm not comfortable with it being set in a made up state). The game will be set in the same world as Red Dead Revolver (the American West) just several years later and the Twin Rocks in Red Dead Revolver and Redemption are the same place. It will be mentioned that Bloody Tom used Twin Rocks as a hideout once. If you want information on the universes just comment and I will explain. In addition to a Red Dead Redmeption film there will be an Undead Nightmare film.

Jared Chastain as John Marston, Grown up Jack Marston, Uncle, and The Voice of The Strange Manthumb|300px|right

Jacob Love as Irish

Bruce Love as Landon Ricketts

Gregg Love as The Strange Man

Undead Nightmare

This film will have a wierd western feeling (like the game [a wierd western is a western film with supernatural/superhuman events in them]). I will star as every character I potrayed in Redemption minus The Strange Man and Jack Marston (I don't play as Young Jack Marston). I have a replica of a blunderbuss and I will be loading actual rounds in it. The zombies will be potrayed by real people but I will be shooting dummies when using the blunderbuss. The limbs I will load into the blunderbuss will be made out of scrap iron and/or broken glass with pieces of torn cloth and fake skin (made from rubber) wrapped around it and will look very real. The make-up used to "create" the zombies will be provided by my mother who is a proffesional make-up artist. Even though Uncle is the elderly Red Harlow in these films I will be potraying a minor zombie character who resembles a much younger Red Harlow just for the heck of it. He will have the same Old Pistol in his holster. His right hand won't be covered and there will not be any scorpion mark on his hand. He will appear in the scene where John is tearing apart Armadillo killing zombies trying to find Jonah and Eli. He will appear for a short time as normal (screaming like a little girl while being surrounded by zombies, meaning he can't possibly be Red but will be a spitting image of him) but will be mawled by zombies and try to attack John only to have his head blown off with a Sawed-Off Shotgun. In the scene where John rises from the grave as an Undead he will have a Schofield Revolver in his holster and the Blunderbuss hung on his back. The Schofield will have a differnet look (with slime visible on the holster and part of the cylinder [made from this gell that mom made that can be easily removed and won't harm my gun any.]) and will have moss on the handle (made from several strings and wet cloth painted green and dried together before being placed on the handle). The blunderbuss will have a pistol style grip on it (that I manufactured myself) which will be rotted with tiny holes in it as if termites have been eating away at it. He will then go to Blackwater but instead of bothering the people he will fight the zombies. After tearing several of them to shreds he will knock one to the ground and pull out his blunderbuss and say in a demonic voice, "It's you or me friend." The real John will wake up in bed hollering, "Holy Shittin' Hell what the Fuck's Goin' ON!!!" resulting in Uncle charging down the hall in his Union Suit (no glove on his hand, revealling a Scorpion shaped scar on his Right hand) and hollerin' "What the hell's gotten into you John I'm tryin to sleep!!!!" further resulting in John picking up a Revolver and yelling "I thought I killed you, YOU HURT ABIGAIL!!!" with Uncle replying "What the hell are you talkin 'bout!" John then realizes it was just a dream (and could also be a foreshadowing to his soon to come murder) and he puts the gun down. "Go back to bed old man before I put a bullet in you," John will say. Uncle will walk back to his room and say loudly I guess I must've killed all of the real outlaws back in my day, all I see is an asshole in that bed back there. Everything else I see around these parts is yellow!" and John will reply, "Stop with the shitty insults. I've had enough of your bullshit and tough talk too you old bastard. I've heard better crap come out of a dumbass lousy snake oil merchant's mouth!" John will then lay back down in his bed and sigh, going back to sleep.

Hopefully, everyone will enjoy it. If you have anything to say you may speak your peace. Just comment and I will gladly listen to what you've got to say.

If you have any questions reguarding this, email me at and I try my best to find the answer you are looking for.

Much Obliged!

Jared Chastain 01:19, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

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