Okay everyone, I would like some help from the fans here.

Vacant Roles for Films

I haven't found all of the actors I need to play the roles of certain characters in my film.

These are the roles I haven't even had any considerations for


Mr. Black

Jesse Lynch

The Cornet Brothers

Nate Harlow

Falling Star

Sheriff 'O Grady

Pig Josh

Bad Bessie

Holstien Hal

Longhorn Luke

General Diego

Colonel Daren

Misc. Characters


Norman Deek

Javier Escuella

Colonel Allende

Capitan Vincente De Santa



Ike Bollard

Nigel West Dickens

Archer Fordham

Drew MacFarlane

Walton Lowe

Misc. Characters

If you know anyone who might fit this role or if you would like to give it a try yourself comment below and if possible, try make some videos of yourself/the person you recomend doing an impression of them and link me to them or give me a picture of you/the person you are recomending dressing like them.

Characters that may become vacant are:

Sheriff Bartlett and Landon Ricketts (Bruce Love, the original actor is having health problems)

If there are certain roles/characters you that I did not mention that you would like to know about, vacancy or otherwise, just comment below and ask me.


Does anyone have any suggestions for add-ins for the plot, new characters, etc.?

I would like to know. I am making these films because of my dedication to the fans and would like some advise from you.

Reguarding Edgar Ross

Out of all of the roles in the film I have had the most difficulty finding an actor willing to play as Edgar Ross. I know that all of us fans hate Ross for what he did to John but this is for the sake of the film. Many of my fellow cast members, friends at school, family, and even elders at my church have suggested cutting him out of the movie but I am not 100% comfortable with that. I think it would ruin the movie because even though he is a rotten piece of crap he is still important to the plot. Does anyone agree/disagree with cutting him from the story or do you have any suggestions for someone to play as him?

Comment below if you do.

I hope you guys can help me on this and I will be grateful if you can help in any way. These films will be delayed for a while because of some troubles with a few of my current projects and some local troubles so please be patient with me.

Comment below to express your thoughts about this or if you can help in any with with the problems I listed above.

~Much Obliged~

Git -R-Done!!!-Jared Chastain 08:36, August 1, 2011 (UTC)        

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