The War Horse is black with a silver coloured mane. Its stamina is equal to the Hungarian Half-bred and its speed is nearly as fast as the American Standardbred.

The War Horse was intended to be exclusive content; codes to "unlock" the mount were provided to buyers of the Limited Edition and through various pre-order incentive programs at certain US and UK retailers. Modders were previously able to unlock it by editing the save file, but Title Update 1.03 has changed this by encrypting the save file.

The War Horse along with other pre-order content was released as DLC on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, for 80 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE or $0.99/£0.79 on the PlayStation Network.

Also, the War Horse can be obtained for call (whistle) by opening your inventory at any time and by using the deed under the consumables tab.The War Horse can be seen in the Outlaws to the End co-op mission "The Kidnapped Girl", where one of the bandits will ride one into Ridgewood Farm

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