• JeffMarston

    DR Gear

    December 31, 2010 by JeffMarston

    I got a visa gift card for xmas, I went online at R* and bought me a sweet long sleeved red and black flanel, and a red RDR t-shirt with marston on the front pointing his revolver. I will cherish these items! The flanel is mighty comfy I reckon!

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  • JeffMarston


    December 26, 2010 by JeffMarston

    No special for double XP for christmas? They did it for thanksgiving! JERKS! oh well i'll be playing the COD Black ops I just got anyways. RDR is stil my favorite though.

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  • JeffMarston

    A cover of "Bad Company" by 5 Finger Death Punch.

    5fdp's cover of Bad Company, is by far the PERFECT song to listen to. Heres why.Simply 3 reasons. 1, it's fast paced, hardcore rock that gets you pumped to kick some ass. 2, It's an awesome recreation of a good old song. and 3. The lyrics were pretty much MADE FOR RDR, single player or multi-player, heres why the lyrics fit so well. Just read them below.

    " A company, always on the run. A destiny, oh it's the rising sun.

    I was born, a shotgun in my hands. Behind the gun , I'll make my final stand.

    Yeah, thats why they call me..

    Bad company, I can't deny

    Bad, bad company, untill the day I die

    Untill the day I die, untill the day I die

    Rebel souls, deserters we've been called

    Chose a gun, and threw aw…

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  • JeffMarston

    1.It would be cool if R* added the lasso(rope) to your inventory and make it so that you could hog tie people who try to sabatoge your free-roam experience. Yes I know this could also make the people who antagonize use the lasso to hogtie you as well but it would be fun from both sides protection and assault. If you got hogtied, you'd lay there for about 1-3 minutes and "die of starvation" or an animal (depending on which area of the map) would come kill you so that you could respawn.

    2. Another competitive game besides liars dice and poker would be fun. Say boxing? silly right? but since we all do it while in que for a match or what have you, they should have a small boxing ring to join (only up to 2 players at a time ofcourse) and let you…

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