1.It would be cool if R* added the lasso(rope) to your inventory and make it so that you could hog tie people who try to sabatoge your free-roam experience. Yes I know this could also make the people who antagonize use the lasso to hogtie you as well but it would be fun from both sides protection and assault. If you got hogtied, you'd lay there for about 1-3 minutes and "die of starvation" or an animal (depending on which area of the map) would come kill you so that you could respawn.

2. Another competitive game besides liars dice and poker would be fun. Say boxing? silly right? but since we all do it while in que for a match or what have you, they should have a small boxing ring to join (only up to 2 players at a time ofcourse) and let you box it out, say whoever knocks down the other player more in 2 minutes wins? winner gets XP and if you get to 20 wins you get the choice between an explosive rifle orthe bundle bluster or whatever it's called (i forget exactly what is called you get it in undead overrun)

3. Create a character after prestige 5. Give us some extra motive to keep starting over 4 times. Once you reach prestige 5 you could download the expansion that is a small add-on that would allow you to create and customize your character facial, hair, body type, clothes, even voice and extra sayings or quotes ( when you press circle and they say random stuff). Once you create the character of your liking and press "finish" they will ask "are you sure" once you click "yes" That character is locked in untill you start all over and goto prestige 5 again, or you buy a "reset" off of ps network or xboxs network for a few bucks. I only suggest that so that people don't overload the system or game itself with characters causing more glitches or whatever could potentially happen (I know little about any kind of errors that might occur for something like this).

Well? what do you think? Comments please!

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