For those of you who don't mind a few mild spoilers, over at the Guardian they've posted an article featuring a hands-on with the final code. Here's a paragraph that I particularly liked:

The early twentieth century setting is a masterstroke. This isn't the mythical heyday of the old west; that culture is in its death throes. Throughout the game, technology is encroaching on the area like a virus. At first, it's the railroads carving through the landscape, but as you travel north you encounter the first confused telephone users bellowing into handsets, and later, the first production line motorcars. John Marston is a man at odds with this coming era; he's a dinosaur. And this sense of growing displacement adds poignancy to the action.

I've had RDR preordered since February, and when I read something like that, I'm confident that the game will be a complete experience having not only a good storyline, but a great atmosphere for me to become immersed into.

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