JoePlay from the Wikia Gaming team here. I wanted to give everyone a heads up that the Red Dead Wiki has been chosen to be the first gaming wiki to receive Wikia's new look in the next phase of the beta test, which will be starting this Wednesday, September 22nd.

The new look will be the default appearance for new and unregistered users. Logged-in users must opt-in to see the new look by going to Special:Preferences, clicking on the Skin tab and choosing New Wikia Look.

NOTE: If you're seeing a white skin with a blue accent color, that is NOT the new look.

To get ready, the following things will be done:

  • Convert the custom skin and logo to the new design (our design team is handling this) - DONE
  • Convert the current sidebar links (MediaWiki:Monaco-sidebar) to Mediawiki:Wiki-navigation (Gaming team will help with this) - DONE
  • Import any needed code from MediaWiki:Common.css to MediaWiki:Wikia.css (Gaming team will handle this) - DONE

Additionally, we'll be helping to tweak templates, infoboxes, and large tables to adjust to the new layout so that everything "fits."

Once the next beta stage begins, I encourage everyone to use the feedback button that will appear in the upper left corner to submit any issues, problems, or comments you have.

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