• JohnMarstonJR

    As John walked in to the saloon he was offered a drink by the bartender.

    "No thank you kind sir, I'm lookin' for a tall, tan man, maybe 6 foot 3, dark hair if you seen him," Asked John.

    " Why I don't know, maybe you could refresh my memory,"the bartender gestured.

    John reached in his pocket and slid him a nickel across the table, making a loud sound.

    " If his name is Hershel Maple, he's over there."

    John, caustiously walked over to him and lightly taped him on his cow hide covered shoulder.

    " Yes, sir do you need anything," Maple asked.

    " The Armadillo Sheriff would like to see you," John said in a low tone voice.

    Maple stood up, reached for his Cattleman in it's holster and looked up to see John already pointing his at him.

    " You got me. Why did t…

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  • JohnMarstonJR

    Random moment

    December 14, 2011 by JohnMarstonJR

    In single player mode, you know when a guy has his cart stolen? Well, I saved his cart and as soon as he started to get back in, a cougar comes running and it attacks him and at the bottom it says you couldn't stop the crime from happening. What the fudge?

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  • JohnMarstonJR

    The noob gamer post

    November 28, 2011 by JohnMarstonJR

    If this post gets big then I will do more of them. This is a post about guess what....Chicken butt JK. Game reviews. First on my list is.... Red Dead Redemption. The story is one of the best storys ever, its long, but it makes you want to play more. It also keeps you guessing. The graphics are really good, but its not like 3D technology. Multiplayer is really great, better if you have all the DLCs. I like to do free roam where you get to do what ever you want across the map. Grab the bag is hard for me because the title says it .... Im a bit of a noob. But if your a hardcore gamer its one of many multiplayer games for you. To hear more about Red Dead watch this video:

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  • JohnMarstonJR

    Thanks giving

    November 25, 2011 by JohnMarstonJR

    How was your Thanksgiving guys?

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  • JohnMarstonJR

    Red Dead Redemption

    November 3, 2011 by JohnMarstonJR

    So how is the game in your opinion? post answers here.

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