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For those who want a level 50

Jon Swag August 8, 2011 User blog:Jon Swag

I've been riding a Super Bull as a legend 3 level 50 player (I'm not legending again as of now) for a few days now and a lot of people want it, but I don't give away my mounts, because I'm against the idea. So I'm going to teach you how to be level 50 in about 1 day! First go to Tesoro Azul, while riding your mount. Throw a stick of Dynamite at the two gatekeepers, then ride in a square shape path, shooting the lookouts, then go in and kill everyone but the 5 whores (save each for 50 XP). Then kill the other waves, killing the torch throwers first as they can kill the whores. If you get a 42 kill chain and save 6 whores and do it in 4 minutes like I did once or twice, you can get 1550 XP! If ou're going for legend 5 level 50 can get it in six days.

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