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  • Jr98466

    Day One of Multiplayer

    June 10, 2010 by Jr98466

    So last night signified my first excursion in to the mess that is Multiplayer. Now some of those specialized, instanced game-types...those are kind of fun. However, Free Roam? What a crock. I'm not loaded up for 10 seconds before someone's shooting me. Is it really that fun, when you're lvl track down and kill a lvl 1? Do you get extra experience for it? Is it part of a challange? Five different free roam areas, 5 cases of some jackass who's idea of fun is keeping the new guy limited to not doing anything. Oh well, maybe it's just internet anonymity at it's finest.

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  • Jr98466

    So, last night I made it in to Mexico...that damn Irish and his "friends" aside. I've done the first couple of missions for the Mexicans, and aside from the obvious Tony Montana remarks, I really don't like it. Three missions in, having protected a train, burned out a town, and recently destroyed a rebel base.....I just don't like Colonel Allende and his attitude. To be honest, I kind of want to work for the rebels at the moment. I know they're "hiding" Bill Williamson. But I'd really like to the option to work for Reyes right now, wipe out the govt, and set Reyes up to help the people. Maybe I'll change my mind after I finish up de Santa's crap....but at the moment, I really miss the games that let you pick a faction and work agains…

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  • Jr98466


    June 6, 2010 by Jr98466

    So. Just finishing up some of the first chapter quests, leading up to the assault at Fort Mercer. I was riding along when the blue circle pops up, and the damsel in distress starts screaming "Help me, Help me!!" Being the upstanding gentleman I am, I of course swing over to give her a hand, when 4 bandits walk in and decide to take me out. They clearly didn't know who they were dealing with, as 4 headshots later they're on the ground, with the "damsel" screaming how she had to do it. This annoys me, so I grab my lasso, thinking I'm going to haul her around a bit and then go about my way. Suddenly fate intervenes, and what do I hear, but the train chugging on by. Inspiration takes hold of me. It's time for my inner villian to take c…

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  • Jr98466

    What was I thinking?

    June 5, 2010 by Jr98466

    Wasn't going to buy the game, but finally got bored achievement farming previously beaten games and said screw it. Thank god I did, because this game is just awesome.

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