So, last night I made it in to Mexico...that damn Irish and his "friends" aside. I've done the first couple of missions for the Mexicans, and aside from the obvious Tony Montana remarks, I really don't like it. Three missions in, having protected a train, burned out a town, and recently destroyed a rebel base.....I just don't like Colonel Allende and his attitude. To be honest, I kind of want to work for the rebels at the moment. I know they're "hiding" Bill Williamson. But I'd really like to the option to work for Reyes right now, wipe out the govt, and set Reyes up to help the people. Maybe I'll change my mind after I finish up de Santa's crap....but at the moment, I really miss the games that let you pick a faction and work against one or the other, because de Santa and Allende....yeah I'm about done with them.

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