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  • Jrl51592

    Mysterious Mexican

    January 25, 2011 by Jrl51592

    Ok, so I was doing the Nuevo Paraiso barrier glitch on single player and when I was running allong the barrier I found this mexican. I nicknamed him "Mysterious Bush Mexican" because I found him in a group of bushes. I was unable to walk up to him due to the invisible barrier. I didn't try to shoot him because I didn't think about it.

    Here is a link to the video that I used to help me get up to the barrier. Nuevo Paraiso Barrier Glitch Video

    Here is the video and a pic of this "Mysterious Bush Mexican"

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  • Jrl51592

    The reason why I wanted to share this is because since Red Dead Redemption is set at the end of the wild west I decided to share this info about my ancestor who rode with Billy The Kid and also since the wild west is one of my favorite eras. I'm sure many people have wondered about there ancestors and what they did and who they were. Well I was one of those wonderers (still am) who wondered about there ancestors. All my life I heard of stories from my only living grandparents about one of my ancestors who was friends with and rode with the famed outlaw, Billy The Kid. Well its true.

    Just last year I decided to make a family tree. So I did. When I started to add my family to my family tree my grandmother told me that she had a family…

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  • Jrl51592

    My Posse Red Dead Gingers

    September 15, 2010 by Jrl51592

    Hello, my name is Jrl51592 and I am here to inform you of my new posse that I made. Its called Red Dead Gingers and its a posse for any and all natural born red heads that play Red Dead Redemption either on XBOX 360 or PS3. I created this posse because for two reasons, one being that I was bored, and two is because I want to see what other natural born red heads play Red Dead Redemption.

    Hopefully I can recruit a large number of "gingers" so that one day we could spread our red head disease called "Gingervitis" and take over the multiplayer world of Red Dead Redemption.

    • Please note that the real name of the disease is called "Gingivitis." Its a disease that causes inflamation of the gum tissue. It has nothing to do with red heads so if you belie…

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