Hello, my name is Jrl51592 and I am here to inform you of my new posse that I made. Its called Red Dead Gingers and its a posse for any and all natural born red heads that play Red Dead Redemption either on XBOX 360 or PS3. I created this posse because for two reasons, one being that I was bored, and two is because I want to see what other natural born red heads play Red Dead Redemption.

Hopefully I can recruit a large number of "gingers" so that one day we could spread our red head disease called "Gingervitis" and take over the multiplayer world of Red Dead Redemption.

  • Please note that the real name of the disease is called "Gingivitis." Its a disease that causes inflamation of the gum tissue. It has nothing to do with red heads so if you believe that it does than you need to stop watching South Park and get edumacated. <-- ha see what I did there. The correct spelling is educated.

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