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  • Juicestain09


    June 6, 2010 by Juicestain09

    I don't understand quite why it happened, but my "Make an edit every day for so many days" wiki badge count was reset. For those of you that recognize my name, you probably know that I have (well, had) been editting like crazy every day since I first started (May 21). Then all of a sudden, the count was at 2 days...

    That, and the "Lucky 10,000 edit" badge that I got that originally put me at 1,090 points apparently cleared itself. Points-wise anyways. I checked my points a couple hours later and they were back down to 990.

    Those 2 little incidents have discouraged me quite a bit from editting lately. (Is it ediTing, with one T?) has given me a lot of time to play Red Dead Redemption and am now currently sitting at 99.6% done the…

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  • Juicestain09

    In the R* Games Social Club, R* has posted some "Quick Tips" for Red Dead Redemption gamers. Reading through it, I pretty much knew everything from playing through the game myself (Except for ammo in chests AND armoires of your safehouses. Since when?!?!). One thing that did catch my eye was the promise of "some particularly hard levels" coming our way soon. They say details to follow in a few days or so, so I guess we'll have to wait. I would be thinking this might be the Outlaws To The End Co-Op DLC if the next post didn't mention that it wouldn't be releasing until the end of the month. So, that means a DIFFERENT set of "particularly hard levels". Yay!

    Here's the link: Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption Quick Tips

    On another note, R* has …

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  • Juicestain09

    Over at the Rockstar Social Club Community page, they have laid the ground for another week full of multiplayer events for RDR gamers.

    Here's the link: Rockstar's Week of MP Events

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  • Juicestain09
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  • Juicestain09

    I was comparing my trophies to some of my friends, and thought I'd sort them by trophy grade to see how many of the higher-end trophies I had. And I came upon a trophy I couldn't remember ever reading. Then I noticed that it had the little plus symbol in the top left corner of the lock image and realized that it was a DLC trophy!

    I put them in the Trophies/Achievements page, so head on over and take a look at them! Oh, and if any of you Xbox 360 gamers know the gamerscore awarded for each achievement, please don't hesitate to put it in there!

    Thanks! Juicestain09 05:20, May 30, 2010 (UTC)

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