Xbox360 & PS3 Read Dead Redemption Save Editor (Hacking Tool)10:14

Xbox360 & PS3 Read Dead Redemption Save Editor (Hacking Tool)

This is at this time the only editor working for both uptaded game and outdated game.

Now we all now that because of modding, the game company encrypted the RDR game saves in their latest game update.
Well, my editor work for them, it means I decrypted the save.
Don't get me wrong, I didn't allow you to mod online features. No prestige, no gold guns etc... This is Offline modding folks, keep that in mind.

▶ In this video you will see:
- Money mods
- Bounty mods
- Fame and Dishonor Mods
- Inventory mods (rare horses (War Horse included), essantials items)
- Weapons mods (unloked & max ammo)
- All outfits unlocked (Deadly assassin included)


Available for retail PS3 and Xbox 360 for all saves, for any title updates. Meaning you can mod your own saves.
All you need to do is put your game save on a usb drive and load a file from the complete save folder in the editor. A full tutorial will be sent to you along with the tool.
What the editor can do:

- Money Modifier
- Bounty, Fame, Honor/Dishonor Modifier
- Unlock all weapons &/or Max Ammo
- Add Items to your inventory (Horses, Essantials)
- In-game Cheats enabler
- Character Modifiers (Play as Jack, Play as John)
Note: You can play as any of them at any part of the story (Even playing from the begining with Jack, and after the end with John).

This editor works for any saves at any time of the story. From the start until the end of the game, no exeption.

How to get it

Go to watch the video on youtube, and read the description of the video to get it.

If you have any doubt, I'm legit, watch my channel for other editors. 971 K.G 971

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