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  • Karensarahrocks

    Tom Hooker's Girls is a DLC game mode i thought of for Red Dead Redemption. During the Civil War a general names Tom Hooker would send a group of women behind a group of soldiers, the women would "comfort" them, "care" for them, etc. Hence thats why today prostitutes are called Hookers.

    Cost: 400 microsoft points, 10.00$ on PS3 network

    Game Type:Free For All

    Objective: Each player starts the game with 1 hooker following them, the hooker must kill other players. Once the player has killed an enemy player the enemy's hooker will follow you. The goal is to get the most hookers with you by the end of the time limit. To make the game easier waypoint and hooker AI have been edited to help you win.

    Controls: To send a waypoint for hookers, aim your gun…

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