• KingPatch

    What would you consider annoying? Losing by a point in a grab the bag match? Just as you were about to score, you're capped by another player hiding by the chest? Your router losing signal in the middle of a long session? Or being picked off by a lone wanderer during a public free roaming session? For me, it has to be the latter. After an hour of wandering about Tanner's Reach trying in vain to kill cougars to entice Kahn out into the open, my flatmate and I had managed to have Kahn spawn, only to be picked off by a couple of guys who just teleported to the region. Despite asking them to stop, posse up and even resorting to a crazy ass gun battle surrounded by cougars, they didn't get the hint. Wise up, or slide on! In all fairness, I'm aw…

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