• Kotoko240

    Hi :D

    Because I think they are beautiful. They seem to me to be so sweet and charming ... I do not know why they are so little tough. Przecierz donkeys really are very durable. I would also like to in the game were more donkeys than 3 In addition, the donkey in the patch too I don't like it. And you, what do you think?

    Sorry my english is bad.

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  • Kotoko240

    Hello again :)

    I played with a friend of Red Dead Redemption. John went back to his house late at Beechers Hope. Usłyszelyśmy barking in peace Jack. John went there. We saw something strange. Rufus Jack stood beside the bed! Are you such a thing happened? Could Rufus always comes home at night? When it popchnęłyśmy dog began to walk home. What do you think?

    I also had a funny glitch witch Jack : D


    m sorry my English is bad. I am of Poland

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  • Kotoko240

    Hi :)

    I played recently in Red Dead Redemption. I rode on a black horse (Amercian Stanradrbred) while in Mexico. There I found a dealer with a gray donkey (mule). I wanted him to take. I stole a donkey trader and ran away. Behind me was running my black horse. Then fond of that was my donkey. Being in Chuparosa guy offered me a duel. I drove it for a joke. He got up and rode on a black horse came with me to the city but it was not because I had my donkey. Man shook his arms, and he fled on horseback. After saving the game I went to town on my donkey. I've noticed that for me, running a horse. It was black he sat on a horse before then, man! But now, the horse ran alone - without a man in the back. It was strange that the horse is still with…

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  • Kotoko240

    What it is?! O.o

    August 20, 2012 by Kotoko240

    Hello :)

    I play with friend in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. We are near Tanner's Span. Near waterfall we see strange animal. In water lay... Strange creature. What it is?I'm sorry the picture quality is bad :(

    Please write comment I want know what it is.

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  • Kotoko240

    Do you think that if the game Red Dead Redemption were foals and young horses would be more fun playing? My friend said today that it would be a good idea, because after watching all of the same horse is getting boring. We love horses - I know all breeds of horses from the RDR. I wondered whether it was a good idea to introduce horses or mixed, for example, Kentucky Saddler connection with the American Standardbred. Then the colt could be the cream-colored and black mane. And what do you think?

    Share with us your idea for a mixed-horse eager to hear your feedback. Read more >

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