Hi :)

I played recently in Red Dead Redemption. I rode on a black horse (Amercian Stanradrbred) while in Mexico. There I found a dealer with a gray donkey (mule). I wanted him to take. I stole a donkey trader and ran away. Behind me was running my black horse. Then fond of that was my donkey. Being in Chuparosa guy offered me a duel. I drove it for a joke. He got up and rode on a black horse came with me to the city but it was not because I had my donkey. Man shook his arms, and he fled on horseback. After saving the game I went to town on my donkey. I've noticed that for me, running a horse. It was black he sat on a horse before then, man! But now, the horse ran alone - without a man in the back. It was strange that the horse is still with me even though he walked the donkey was my steed. When the donkey came whistled but the horse kept at me until you exit the game. What do you think? I encourage you to comment :)

Osioł osioł

I have glitch when I am in Chuparosa :D

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